Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monday: Meatloaf, Potatoes, Peas
Tuesday: Shepherds Pie
Wednesday: Meatballs over rice, Green Beans
Thursday:  Spaghetti, Garlic Bread
Friday: Frozen Pizza
Saturday: (Hopefully) going out to eat

This is what I am planning and I hope I stick to it.  Somedays there is just not enough time to make what I am planning and end up eating leftovers or can soup and Grill cheese.  I know that we eat the Meatloaf a lot but it is so good and my Hubby's favorite meal. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tip Toes Cute of the Month

Please go to Tip Toes on Facebook and vote for Mallorie as the cute kid of the month for the month of March.  I could win a $50 gift card to Tip Toes and Home & Company, plus 20% off all month long, PLUS...Thanks to Engedi Salon, a FREE cut and style for me!  Here is a copy of the photo that I submitted.

Tip Toes is a local store here in Holland MI that has a ton of ADORABLE things from hair bows to piggy banks, toys and outfits.  I love this store!

Thank You!!!!!! and tell your friends!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Tip

Did you know that if you peel a Banana from the bottom (where they are not all bunched together) to the top  you will not get those little stringy pieces.  Try it it really does work!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday Photos

I get to spend Fridays with Mallorie because I work third shift and get out of work at 8 am on Fridays.  The sun was shining very bright but it was not that warm out.  I wanted to take some photos so I set up in the living room and let the light shine through the windows.  Here are just a few that I took.

Happy in the Sunshine!!!

I think this one is just precious!  They really love each other!

Flower Power

This one is my favorite!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pet Peeves

I have one Pet Peeve that I see on a daily basis.  I hate it when I am driving and I see some one flick a cigarette out the window.  The world is not your ashtray!!!!!  If you are going to smoke then at least take care of the trash.  Does anyone else have a Pet Peeve that just drives them crazy?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Poor Puppy

July 2006 Our dog was born along with 6 other adorable little boxers.  We knew that we wanted a boy and there were only two to pick from.  I picked up Carter (our dog) first and I just fell in love.  Carter had more white on him that the other and that was one of the reasons we choose him. 
(Carter is the one in the back with the white on his face and between his eyes.)

We took Carter everywhere with us.  He loved to be outside.  Some of his favorite places were camping, and the local dog park.  I took him to the Dog Park EVERYDAY when I got home from work.  We would go and he would run around and play for an hour.  That way he would sleep when I went up to bed. 

(Sleeping in a camping chair)

(Playing at the Dog Park)

When he was about 6 months old we started to see that he was getting a lot of sores under his chin and thought it might be his collar.  We tried many different collars but the sores did not go away.  The sores kept getting worse and worse.  It got to the point where he would drag himself across the floor to itch his belly. (like an Army crawl)

(Here are some examples of his sores. :( It is so sad to see.)

I called the Vet and made an appointment.  When we brought him into the Vet the first this she said was it look like it was allergies.  They took a skin scraping and blood sample to rule out any type of bugs that would be causing the itching.  the test came back and showed that there were no "bugs".  The next step was to get an allergy test done.  This cost close to $300 but it was the only option.  So of course we paid it.  The results came back and it showed that he VERY allergic to Beef, Corn, Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Cigarette smoke (this is not a problem because we don't smoke), and he is also allergic to many trees and grasses.  We then started him on shots.  We started the shots every week and work them up toe once a month.  Now he gets a shot every month, a Zyrtec, and prednazone.  I just put the pills in his food and he eats them.  His sores have totally cleared up and might get one little one from time to time.  Some of the things that we have had to change are his food and treats.  He now gets Lamb and Rice food and treats.  He also LOVES ice cubes so we use those as a treat a lot.  We no longer go to the Dog Park.  We narrowed it down that when we took him to the Dog Park a few days later he would break out.  And we also give him the pills and shots.  He is still the same old Carter.  He is very lovey and loves to snuggle.
He also still love to be outside but now we play with him in the backyard more and not the Dog Park.
Carter is the sweetest dog that I have ever met.  He seems to know when you are down and need a smile or when you are sad and just want to cuddle. 

We knew that he would be great with Mallorie when we had her but it has been so cute to see him with her.  When she wakes up in the morning and is making noises we go downstairs to get her and he is sitting or laying in front of her door.  And every time we come home he has to stick his nose in the car seat to make sure it is still her.  He is just a great dog and I would not have him any other way!!!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Second Chance

I have never been a big fan of Walmart.  I don't know if it is just our local Walmart or if they are all the same but this is my personal opinion.  In the past we shop other places besides Walmart even if we could save money by shopping there.  Every time I went into Walmart there was something negative.  Some of the incidents in the past have been poor service, items out of stock, items priced wrong, and dirty.  Today I had to go and pick up dog biscuits there.  (He has to have Lamb and Rice biscuits and they do carry the best deal.  more details on his allergies in a future post.)  So I thought that I would also pick up some other things that I needed.  I had picked Mallorie up from daycare and we headed to Walmart.  Here are the following issues that I had this trip.
                  1. They only had one bag of Dog biscuits
                  2. When I grabbed a box of Granola I noticed that one of the corners what "nibbled" on (I am guess by a mouse)  GROSS!!!!
                  3. I grabbed a bag of Potatoes and when I got to the checkout and I put it on the belt and noticed that about 4 of the bottom potatoes were all wet and moldy.  I then had to load everything back into the cart and go and get a new bag. 
                  4. When I found an employee to let them know about the rotten potatoes he just said "Ok" and kept walking.  He did not even grab the bag off the shelf. 
                  5. When I did get to the checkout and the cashier was ringing up my order I was watching the prices and I found two things that rang up at the wrong price. 

Needless to say I will not be shopping there anymore.  I thought that I would give them a second chance and see if things had changed but I see that they had not.  I am just glad that Mallorie fell asleep while I was shopping so I did not have to keep her entertained through the store as well.  What are you impression of Walmart?  Have you ever had problems there or is this just me?  Let me know.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Menu Monday

Monday:Velveeta Cheesy Pasta Casserole, & Garlic Toast
Tuesday: Spaghetti
Wednesday: Meatloaf, (we never had it last week) Potatoes, Green Beans
Thursday: Chili
Friday: Going out!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wendesday

Wordless Wednesday

This is a photo I took at my church while I was in a photography class.  I just love!  I was going to go out and take pictures of the storm but I choose sleep instead.  I hope to get out today!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

White Chocolate Candy Mix

I made a batch of this mix the other night.  We love is so much and it is so easy to make.  So I thought I would share it with you.  It does make quite a bit but we just store it in ice cream pail containers and it fits nicely in two of them. 

White Chocolate Candy Mix
6 Cups Crispix
3 Cups Cheerios
2 Cups pretzels
1 Lb. M&Ms
Large jar Dry Roasted Peanuts
36 Oz. White Chocolate

Melt chocolate and pour over other ingredients.
Put on wax paper and crumble when cooled.

Here are the ingredients.  I used Chex instead of the Crispix.
I found it easier to melt the chocolate in two separate pans so it is less likely to burn.
Melt at a very low heat.
It is also easier to mix in two separate bowls.

Pour the chocolate over the mix.

Looking yummy!

(hehe Mallorie decided she wanted to be held so she made it hard to take a picture.  You can see her at the bottom of the picture.)