Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Here is Mallorie at my nephew Lewis's breack dance battle this past weekend.  She ADORES her "Cousin Lewey".  She is wearing his hat and her sunglasses and standing in her "Bgirl stance"  So proud!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tackle it Tuesday

I have had this project that I have wanted to tackle for about two weeks and when I got down to it it only took about 2 minutes to complete.  I really wish I would have done it earlier.  We had replaces our old dial thermostat with a digital programmable one and when we removed it the old paint color and plaster showed.

I had seen a pin on Pinterest where you can put a frame around the thermostat and I loved the look of it.  I would have never thought of framing it on my own. (I love Pinterest!)  So I went to the dollar store and found a cute white distressed frame that was just the right size.  Then I bought the 3M velcro strips.  I LOVE THEM.  They are amazing.  I didn't want to go through the hassle of putting a nail or screw in the wall so I thought this would be the easiest way, and it was.

All I had to do was peel the little paper piece off the backs to make them sticky.  Then I stuck them together and to the frame.  Then I just pressed it on the wall and PRESTO!

A perfectly framed thermostat and the nasty, ugly old paint is covered up.  I am so happy with how it turned out!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

My Favorite!

I think I have mentioned this before but these two have such a special bond!  (this is Lewis my Nephew)
Mallorie ADORES her cousin Lewis!  These pictures are just priceless!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pinterest Weekend

Looking back over the weekend I realized that I used a lot of ideas that I got off of Pinterest.  I am sure that almost everyone knows about Pinterest by now.  Here is a list all the "Pinterest things" I did this weekend!

1. Carrot and Zucchini Fingers
 Pinned Image

2.Mini Ham and Cheese Quinoa Cups
mini ham and cheese quinoa cups - 47 calories per cup - very yummy!! good snack for kids too, protein!

3.Pumpkin Muffins (I added Chocolate Chips too!)
Pinned Image

4.Laundry Detergent
Pinned Image

5.Ribbon and Pearls Necklace
Pinned Image

6.Frame Thermostat
Pinned Image

7.U of M hairbow (I used this pin to find the pattern I used.)
Pinned Image

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Time to Play Catch Up

This summer has been CRAZY!  I feel like it just started but it is already over.  we had so many things we wanted to do but just going not fit them in between the vacations, birthdays, anniversaries, and work.  I did take a month off from my blog just to focus on family more and i needed it.  I am now excited to get back to the blog and have a lot of projects I am excited to post for you.  but here is a recap of what we were doing while I was gone.  (Sorry for the over load of pictures!)

Splash pad with buddy Bryce!

Movie night with Elliott

 We found two baby bunnies in our yard!
Mallorie said "Awww they Cute!"
We also had a Toad that was living in our garage.
we would move him out and the next day he would
be back!  Of course Mallorie had to play with him.

On Vacation
Brad (hubby) turned the big 3-0!!!

All of these pictures were from my phone.  I have plenty more on my camera but they will have to wait.  I also started to coach Volleyball for a local christian school.  I love to do it but it takes so much time between practice, games and planning.

 Mallorie and I also took a trip to the Zoo with my parents and cousins.  Here is Mallorie and Lewis
 Mallorie and Paisley with their suckers while waiting for Ruthie and Lewis to pet the stingrays.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesay

The other day I was picking up Mallorie's toys and I came across this sweet, adorable, precious, and priceless picture.  My hubby must have been playing with Mallorie and he traced his hand and then hers inside of it.  I had to take a picture!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I was at my Volleyball game and my Husband texted me this picture.  His caption was " A mess Daddy!  I mess!"  He said she was lucky she was so beautiful otherwise he would be mad. She was so proud!   I laugh every time I see this picture!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Busy Bottle

***I am not sure if this is the right name for this project but it is what we call it.***

So Mallorie no longer goes into Nursery at church.  It just was not working out and she would just cry and work herself up to the point of almost getting sick.  So about 3 months ago we started taking her into church with us and it is honestly going well but we are always looking for QUIET toys and books for her to play with in church.  The other day I came across a pin on Pinterest and thought... I need to do that.  Basically it is just a water bottle with little trinkets in it.  Here is a photo tutorial for you!

 First I had her drink some of the water from the bottle.
(she spilled so much water I had to change her shirt!)

I got a bunch of left over buttons, sequins, googly eyes, and scrapbook stuff and let Mallorie pick what she wanted to put in.
Here she is picking out her "Prettys"

 She had a lot of fun putting everything in the bottle!

A friend of ours came over to pick put some tools from my husband and their son Elliott was with him.  He is 3 1/2 and also made one.  He LOVED it too.

Here is Mallorie's finished busy bottle.  She found some tiny string of pearls that she HAD to have in there and I think it turned out great.

I tried to get a good picture of her holding it but that would not happen.  If you notice it is tucked under her arm.  and this is her saying "CHEESE!!!" every time I held up the camera.

Wordless Wednesday

Football season has started!  Mallorie loves to lay on the couch and watch football with Daddy!