Monday, February 7, 2011

Second Chance

I have never been a big fan of Walmart.  I don't know if it is just our local Walmart or if they are all the same but this is my personal opinion.  In the past we shop other places besides Walmart even if we could save money by shopping there.  Every time I went into Walmart there was something negative.  Some of the incidents in the past have been poor service, items out of stock, items priced wrong, and dirty.  Today I had to go and pick up dog biscuits there.  (He has to have Lamb and Rice biscuits and they do carry the best deal.  more details on his allergies in a future post.)  So I thought that I would also pick up some other things that I needed.  I had picked Mallorie up from daycare and we headed to Walmart.  Here are the following issues that I had this trip.
                  1. They only had one bag of Dog biscuits
                  2. When I grabbed a box of Granola I noticed that one of the corners what "nibbled" on (I am guess by a mouse)  GROSS!!!!
                  3. I grabbed a bag of Potatoes and when I got to the checkout and I put it on the belt and noticed that about 4 of the bottom potatoes were all wet and moldy.  I then had to load everything back into the cart and go and get a new bag. 
                  4. When I found an employee to let them know about the rotten potatoes he just said "Ok" and kept walking.  He did not even grab the bag off the shelf. 
                  5. When I did get to the checkout and the cashier was ringing up my order I was watching the prices and I found two things that rang up at the wrong price. 

Needless to say I will not be shopping there anymore.  I thought that I would give them a second chance and see if things had changed but I see that they had not.  I am just glad that Mallorie fell asleep while I was shopping so I did not have to keep her entertained through the store as well.  What are you impression of Walmart?  Have you ever had problems there or is this just me?  Let me know.


  1. Hi Kalli,
    I see you live quite close to me, so I think I have been in the WalMart you are talking about. I don't get there often, but the last few times I've been there, it's been a disappointment. I didn't have the kind of troubles you did, but it does seem dirty, things aren't in stock, hard to find things... It's worse when you are trying to shop with a baby!
    I noticed you are working 3rd shift. I'm a nurse and I did that for a while when my kids were little. It's hard but it means less baby sitters and more time with them!

  2. It's definitely not every Walmart. I have been in very unfriendly ones and very clean ones with organized and cheery employees. I guess it all depends. Sorry you got stuck with a crappy one!

  3. I agree Kalli. Our Walmart does seem particularly dirty and gross. There are also never enough lanes open for check out, and parking is always horrible no matter what time of day I go!