Saturday, April 2, 2011

101 things in 1001 days

I got this idea from a friend of mine.  The goal is to make a list of 101 things that you was to accomplish.  It can be as easy as sleep in one day, to as hard as run a 5K.  I started it on 10/23/2009 so if I calculated correctly that would make my end date 7/22/12!  Here is my list...I the tasks in red have been completed!

1. Pay off my Parents -(July 2010)
2. Pay off my student loan - (March 2011)
3. Pay off out loan for our new windows - (Feb. 2011)
4. Get pregnant - (Dec. 2009)
5. Have a baby - (Mallorie May Koetsier, healthy girl on 9/13/10, 9lbs.13oz. 21 inches)
6. Print off all photos
7. Organize photos
8. Get caught up on photo albums
9. Get a "big" digital camera -( I had been saving money and Brad surprised me with the rest!)
10. Get back into Photography
11. Move craft stuff upstairs -( I did this when we made the front room the Nursery)
12. Paint back entry way -(I painted the trim black. I was nervous but it turned out great.  & the walls sage)
13. Paint front bedroom -(we made this the nursery)
14. Redo the kitchen -(it was a mess but so worth it)
15.Get new living room furniture -(We have matching furniture now.  No more looking like a dorm room.)
16. Get a new mattress -(Brad wanted a Memory Foam... I love it it is like a cloud)
17. Take a day trip -(We went to Ludington for the day)
18. Make a fall tradition
19. Make a Christmas tradition
20. Don't drink pop for a week
21. No chocolate for a week
22. No eating out for one month
23. Start a blog -(Thank You to all who follow and read my blog!)
24. Be in a  craft show
25. Lose 30 pounds
26. Make Christmas gifts
27. Go to Ludington -(We took a day trip on a Sunday to just get away)
28. Go to Chicago
29.Go to the Zoo
30.Go to the Fair
31.Get family pictures taken
32.Get a new (to us) car -('01 Alero)
33.Host a cookie exchange -(Dec 2009)
34. Set up an Esty Shop
35. Run a 5K
36. Send out 10 "thinking of you cards"
37. Get Brad a riding lawn mower -(It is used but he loves it)
38. Raise money for something -(Molly's Miracle  I was not at the fundraiser because I had Mallorie earlier that week but I helped with the planning.
39. Drink only water for one week
40. Try making a menu plan again -(I stick to it about every other week...Better than nothing)
41. Get or make art for the living room
42. Be a better supervisor
43. Take a family vacation
44. Get a cute purse
45. Work out 3 times a week for a month
46. Go on a date with Brad
47. Have baby baptized -(it was a special day)
48. Be there for someone when they need it -(Brad when he lost two grandparents in one year.  My friend with daugthers medical problems)
49. Volunteer
50. Go antiquing with Brad
51. Dutch Dance
52. Play Softball -(this was fun)
53.  Ride on a train
54. Be happy with myself
55. Get new clothes
56. Look into ancestry
57. Use more features on my sewing machine
58. Organize photos
59. Go Camping
60. Christmas Tradition (I think getting into PJ's, get hot choco, and drive around and see Christmas lights would be fun)
61. Work overtime - (I have done to much of this one)
62. Go Fishing
63. Sleep 8 hours straight
64. Make a new friend
65. Go for a hike
66. Have a baking/cooking marathon
67. Pay off new car
68. Read a good book - (The Last Song - by Nicolas Sparks)
69. Watch a good movie -( Dear John)
70. Sell a photograph
71. Get Brad a new bike -(he got a new bike at the end of fall and got to ride it a few times before the snow fell)
72. Go for a family bike ride
73. Pick Apples
74. Decorate house for fall
75. Spend $300 a month on groceries
76. Surprise Brad with something
77. No tickets
78. Get new shoes - (I got new running shoes)
79. Get winter boots
80. Go to fireworks
81.Go to Tulip time concessions
82. Play Volleyball - (it was fun but not very successful)
83. Get new Jeans that I love
84. Subscribe to a magazine - (Parents)
85. Get a new phone
86. Get new glasses
87. Go to training at work
88. Follow a T.V. series - (Teen Mom 2)
89. Get a new hairstyle
90. Play pool
91. Play darts
92. Work in church Nursery
93. Put house up for sale - (It was for sale but no bites.  if anyone is interested let me know :) )
94. Get a Camcorder - (having fun recording memories)
95. Surprise someone -(I had a surprise baby shower for my sister-in-law)
96. Eat Tofu -(it was not good)
97. Try veggie burgers -(these were pretty good)
98. Get a jogging stroller -(now I just have to use it)
99. Have a girls night once a month
100. Organize my recipes
101. Finish this list

So far I completed 37 out of the 101.  I guess I better get to work.  I will keep you updated.


  1. This is a great idea! There's something about having things written down that encourages you to get them done - and cross them off!

  2. I love to corss them off...It is the best feeling!