Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mallorie's First Birthday

I am late in posting the but I guess better late than never!  The weekend after Mallorie's birthday we had friends and family over for burgers and hot dogs on the grill and a lot of other yummy food.  I went with a flower theme for her party.

This is a shot of the table and some of the decorations before all of the food was out. (I was to busy to get one with all of the food out.)  I loved the idea of putting the silverware in mason jars decorated with ribbon.  I also made her garland.

I used pool noodles that I found at the dollar store.  I cut them about an inch thick and then strung them together with clear thread.  I love the was that it turned out and Mallorie loved to play with them after the party. I also decided to make her cake.  I spend a lot of time baking the cake and had big plans for it.  It was going to be a big daisy with Mallorie's cake in the middle part of the flower and a 9 inch round cake cut into sections (like a pie) for the petals.  The recipe called for me to frost each section of the cut 9 inch round cake that I had cut.  That was harder that I thought it would be.  the frosting pulled the cake apart and it was just a mess.  So at about 11 p.m. I cleaned up and just went to bed.  I decided to just make cupcakes for everyone else and still use the middle part for Mallorie's cake. 

I got the idea for these from a blog that I follow.  In the end I LOVE the way that the cupcakes and Mallorie's cake turned out.  Mallorie loved her cake too!

She has such a fun day filled with friends, family, good food, presents, and celebrating. 

I can not believe how quickly this year has gone and that my baby is one.  She is such a joy in our lives and can not imagine it without her.  Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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  1. Everything looks so cute! I love your garland idea and the cupcakes turned out adorable. I love the different varieties you made.