Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall Update

I have been pretty busy and just let my blog take a backseat to is all.  I am going to lump a lot of things into one update post so here it goes.

We went apple picking:

Ready to pick!

Mallorie loved riding in her wagon!

Family Picture  - I think we will do this every year!

After picking apples we went to the resturant at the orchard and got lunch!  Brad got a piece of homemade apple pie, I got a doughnut and hot cider, and we got Mallorie a cidersicle.  She loved it!

As we sat and enjoyed out treats I saw a great photo opputunity.  There was a old bench with apple crates stacked behind it and just thought that it was cute.

Then Brad ran a local 5k.  I was going to run it but just had not been running at all and, frankly, did not feel like it. 

Waiting for Daddy at the finish line!

He goal was under 30 minutes and his time was 29:59! Great Job!

So excited for Daddy!

For Halloween Activites see my Halloween 2011 post.

Every year I take a picture of Carter in the leaves. I just love his color with the leaves.  Here are a few from this year.

(incase you are wondering the sore is on his chest it is his allergies.  We have to give him monthly shots ot keep them under control but in the Spring and Fall they are the worst.  Poor guy!  Read his story here.)

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  1. What fun times! Mallorie is soooo cute! The pictures of Carter are great too - I love Boxers!
    I also loved your Gilligan's Island theme in the post below. I've never seen such a cute Gilligan. :)