Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Time to Play Catch Up

This summer has been CRAZY!  I feel like it just started but it is already over.  we had so many things we wanted to do but just going not fit them in between the vacations, birthdays, anniversaries, and work.  I did take a month off from my blog just to focus on family more and i needed it.  I am now excited to get back to the blog and have a lot of projects I am excited to post for you.  but here is a recap of what we were doing while I was gone.  (Sorry for the over load of pictures!)

Splash pad with buddy Bryce!

Movie night with Elliott

 We found two baby bunnies in our yard!
Mallorie said "Awww they Cute!"
We also had a Toad that was living in our garage.
we would move him out and the next day he would
be back!  Of course Mallorie had to play with him.

On Vacation
Brad (hubby) turned the big 3-0!!!

All of these pictures were from my phone.  I have plenty more on my camera but they will have to wait.  I also started to coach Volleyball for a local christian school.  I love to do it but it takes so much time between practice, games and planning.

 Mallorie and I also took a trip to the Zoo with my parents and cousins.  Here is Mallorie and Lewis
 Mallorie and Paisley with their suckers while waiting for Ruthie and Lewis to pet the stingrays.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful summer, and lots of fun for Miss Mallory!