Sunday, November 14, 2010

Little Getaway

Our Little Getaway

We have been so busy lately and just felt like we needed to get away.  We too off at about 10:00 and headed up to Ludington.  We love Ludington!  I really dont know what it is about it but it is a great getaway.  First we stopped by a resort where Brad's family goes every summer.  It was a little windy and cold se still had to get some pictures.

 When we got to the dock area (where these pictures were taken.) there was one swan that swam from the group over to where we were parked and just sat in the water in front of our Jeep.  I could not help but think of the last time I was there.  It was two summers ago.  I was on the dock with Brad's Grandpa (who passed away this past February).  There was a flock of swans on the water that day as well and he just commented on how peaceful they are and how he loves to see them on the lake.  When I saw the one swan swim away from the group an come up to us I could only think of Grandpa Peters.  I did not mention it to Brad because I could tell it was hard for him to be back there for the first time since his Grandpa passed away.

We then ventured into town and went to some stores.  Brad's favorite store is Dean's 4 in 1.  I don't know why.  This store has a lot of random things and is kinda like a big garage sale but every time we are here he has to stop there. 

And if you know me you know I LOVE ice cream.  House of Flavors is the best.  (one of my Best friends, Kim drove and hour and a half for the ice cream) So I had to get a picture of Mallorie's first visit to House of Flavors.

We had a great day getaway, it is just what we needed.  I think Mallorie had a good time too!  She was so tired on the way home!

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