Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crazy Times

Crazy Times

Lately I feel like I can not catch with anything.  I have been working 55+ hours a week, taking care of Mallorie, cooking meals, and trying to keep the house clean (which is falling behind and driving be crazy!) 

Also I really want to make stuff for Christmas but I just can not find the time.  I am hoping that Wednesday night I will be able to tackle some of these projects.  We have Christmas parties the next two weekends and then it is already Christmas. 

We really want to start some Christmas Traditions with Mallorie even though this year she is only going to be 3 months old at Christmas.  What are some of your family traditions?

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  1. Some families give their kids a new ornament every year so that when they move out they have enough ornaments for their own tree. I like that idea.

    I know our tradition is to go to a local tree viewing every year and a parade. So much fun!