Saturday, January 15, 2011

Got Time?

     Lately I have not had any time and I feel like I can not catch up on anything.  I have been working 58 + hours every week at work (third shift) so flipping my schedule around is hard.  With the holidays the last few months makes it feel like we have something to do every weekend.  My day starts at Midnight.  I start work at midnight and work until 8 am.  Then I drive home (45 minute drive) and then I feed the dog and let him out and eat breakfast myself.  I am lucky if I get up to bed by 9:30.  Then I usually see 10 am before I fall asleep.  Then i get up at 2:30 pm and get ready for the "Day" I then go and pick up Mallorie from Daycare and either go home or go to my parents house so my mom can watch her while I clean (I work with my dad two nights a week).  In the evenings the regular routine is Dinner, Dishes, pack lunches, feed Mallorie Cereal, then most nights a bath for her.  Then her night bottle and putting her down.  Then showers and off to bed for Brad and I.  We try to be up to bed by 9pm.  Then I get up at 10:30 pm to get ready for work and drive in. 

   But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  The last two weeks I have been training our full timer at work and I just got an e-mail letting me know that they are conducting the background on a Part-timer!  That means I will only have to work 43 hours a week!!! I am pretty excited!  I can not wait for more family time.  This is the reason that I have not had many posts lately I will hopefully be back to crafting soon!

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  1. I really, really hope things get more normal for you soon, that work schedule is crazy! We miss seeing you guys, but I totally understand, we need, need, need to hang out soon!