Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This is a horrible post to have to do but I just can not believe this.  A classmate of mine has gone missing in the Boston area.  She recently move there.  Below is her information and news coverage on the disappearance. 

I grew up playing sports with Amber since we were in Elemntray school and have continued to play on Rec softball teams after we graduated.  She is a very fun loving, outgoing person.  She also has a daughter and family that miss and love her so much.  I just can not believe this is happened and I just want to get the word out.  If there is anyone that lives in Boston or has connections to Boston PLEASE get the word out.  Also another way to help is to PRAY.  Pray for Amnber's saftey and for comfort for her family and friends through this emotional and stressful time.  Thank you to everyone that can help.  (please let me know if you can help in anyway.)

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  1. I just heard about this. I don't have any Boston connections, but I will pray.