Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great News

For those of you that follow my blog you know that I made an earlier post about a classmate/friend of mine that went missing from Boston.  I got the best news today...She is home!  She was found in Mexico and was picked up by the US Embassy.  That is all of the information that I have right now because she is not allowed to release any other information at this time.  I am just happy that she is safe.  I am wondering what happened while she was gone but I am sure the story will come out soon.  I am just happy that she is safe and that her daughter has her mommy back.  All of this has made me realized that I need to cherish the friendships that I have and had in the past.  I had not seen Amber much since we graduated from High School back in 2001.  I did play Softball on rec teams against her a couple times.  But the last time I talked with her was in the grocery store when I ran into her.  I have been replaying that conversation in my mind a lot lately.  We were able to talk like it was just yesterday that we were back in school but it had been years.  Amber has always a happy and outgoing person and she was always there for people when they needed her.  I am so glad that there is a happy ending to this story.  Thank You for your Prayers!  They were answered!

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  1. I heard this too, and am happy she is ok. My daughter has a friend who also knew her.