Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy Times

Things have just been REALLY busy for me.  I have been working overtime, we went camping, I started to coach Volleyball, I am planning Mallorie 1st birthday (crazy that she is almost one already), and we will be going camping again in a few weeks.  I have not had any time to craft, take special pictures, or even make up a menu.  I am hoping that things slow down soon and I can get back to normal. 

As far as coaching... I started to coach the Jr. High. team at a local Christian school.  It is a pretty small school so my team is made up of four 7th graders and eight 6th graders.  A lot of them have never really play before so I am starting from square one.  I am really surprised at how well they are doing and catching on.  the biggest ocbstical that They have is the height of the net.  It is hard to teach the correct way to block and hit when they can not even reach the net.  I know that it will come with time but for now it is tough.  I am inpressed with their passing and setting and even some of their serving skills.  They are all sweet compassionate girls and I am looking forward to this season. 

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