Friday, November 9, 2012

Fun Food Friday

I have been wanting to start Fun Food Fridays with Mallorie but I did not think that she would understand just how fun it is.  Last Friday everything was Bunnies.  So I decided to roll with it and made a bunny lunch on the fly.  I didn't buy anything special but just found things I already had in the house.  Here is what I came up with.
*  I cut a peanut butter sandwich into a bunny shape with a cookie cutter.

*  I put (leftover) Mac n Cheese as "hay" that the bunny lays in.

* Raisins as bunny poop. (hehe, she ate all of them and thought it was so funny)

*Marshmallows as bunny tails.

I would have loved to put some steamed carrots with this but she was hungry and wanted to eat NOW!

Here she is enjoying her bunny lunch!  (I added some grapes!)
I can not wait to continue this I think I will try to so a couple a month! It was a hit!