Friday, November 16, 2012

Sad Day

Well.... today was a tough day.  I got home from work and went to bed like normal.  Then at about 11:15 i got a text from my sister-in-law and it said "call me or Staci when you wake up." (Staci is my cousin)  I figured that it was about a girls night out that we are trying to plan so I rolled over and went back to sleep.  Then at about 3:00 p.m. one of my Aunts called me.  The first thing I thought was something bad happened to my Grandma.  I called Staci my cousin.  She told me the worst news.  My Uncle passed away this morning.  I was shocked!  I was speechless! He was up at deer camp with his son (Aaron) and brothers.  This is the first time he had gone in four years.  Last night he had gone to bed around midnight as was going to sleep in his van while his son was in a tent  and brothers in a cabin.  When he went to bed to started a propane heater for warmth and fell asleep with it on.  He never woke up.  (it is a little reassuring to know that he didn't suffer.)  Aaron woke up and noticed that his dad was no up yet so he went to the van and tried to wake up his dad but he couldn't.  They did call for an ambulance but he was already gone.

After picking up Mallorie from daycare I went over to my Aunt's house. I was happy to see she was surrounded by family.  I gave her a big hug and she broke down.  She told me that it just didn't seem real.  I looked out the back window and saw the van.   I broke down.  We talked about all the memories that we had with Rich and were there for each other.  I feel so bad for my Aunt and cousins.  My Aunt lost the love of her life and did not get to say good-bye.  A few of my cousins were there while I was and it was hard to see.  One of Rich's daughters came in and just broke down.  Also two of Rich's grand kids were there.  one is 9 and the other 7. The were aware of what happened and were having a hard time with it but were coping in their own ways.  I know that time will heal but it will take a long time.

Please pray for my family. Pray for peace, reinsurance, and knowledge and understanding that this is God will.  Everything happens for a reason, we just might not know what that reason is yet.  I also pray for Aaron.  He has had trouble in the past with drinking but he is clean now but I am afraid after all that he has been through and with the lost he will relapse.

This story was also on the news.  Here is a link

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  1. I heard the story on the news. It's such a tragedy. I'll be praying for your family.