Thursday, January 24, 2013

Growth Charts

This past Friday my Friend Heidi came over with her son Bryce.  Mallorie and Bryce are best friends.  They are exactly one month apart and love to run around the house copying each other.  I had seen a growth chart craft on Pinterest and fell in love with it.  My husband got some free wood from work that would work perfectly.  We waited until nap time and both kids were sleeping and then started crafting.  (I only have finish product pictures.  I forgot to take pictures while we were working on them.)  

We had gone to Michaels and bought paint and stencils   Heidi also bought some little wooden animals to put on the growth chart.  We started by using Magic Eraser on the wood to make sure that it is clean.  Then we started on Heidi's chart.  We measured out every inch and started to paint using the stencils.  It went fairly quickly and was pretty easy.  We were able to just talk and hangout while painting.  Once all the lines were painted on then we did the same to mine.  At this point the kiddos woke up.  After we got them playing again we went back and painted the numbers on the growth charts.  We also glued the animals on Heidi's.  I love the way both of them turned out.  I decided not to put anything on mine.  I love the way it looks plain.

Below are our finished products!!!

Here is just mine!  I can not wait to get it hung on the wall and tracking Mallorie's growth!!

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  1. I love it! Your paint job looks so professional.