Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cowgirl Party

For some reason the other day I got to thinking about my blog and I thought....I don't think I every posted about Mallorie's cowgirl birthday party.  I looked back and sure enough I didn't.  So here it is only four months late!!!

Mallorie loves to gallop around the house and pretend like she is a horse.  so when it can time to plan her party we thought what would be better than a cowgirl party.  I love to go all out for her birthday parties and my hubby thinks I am a little nuts but I was surprise how involved and how he jumped on board too!  We went to a western wear store about 40 minutes from our house and bought Mallorie some "real" cowgirl boots.  She LOVED them and wore them everywhere.  We invited family and friends to her party and we had a great time! I forgot to get a picture of the food but we had barnyard dogs (hot dogs), Cow chips (potato chips), Pig slop, (Pasta salad with olives, pepperoni, Italian dressing), Watermelon, Hay bales (rice krispie treats), and cow plops (no bake cookies)!

Sorry for picture overload!!!

I made a banner for her!  She also loved the cow print balloons!

We used hay bales as seating.

 My Hubby made troughs for the drinks!

We even had a mechanical horse for the kids (or adults) to ride on!

We had ask everyone to wear their western wear to the party.  It was fun.  Even our dog Carter dressed up!

The Birthday Girl in her Cowgirl outfit!

We had friends and family over for a cookout.

Mallorie loved opening her gifts.

One of her favorite gifts was a quiet book my Mom made for her!  

I made her cake again this year.  I cut the boot shape out of two 9x13 cakes.  It was pretty easy.  then I just piped the best I could a design on them to make them look like real boots!

Singing happy birthday!

I had goody bags for the kids to make.  Candy, little toys, and tattoos tied up in bandanas!

Mallorie was scared to ride the horse by herself so Daddy had to ride with her!

 We got pictures of all the kids on the horse but this one just makes me laugh.  (it is so Lewis)

She had so much fun at her party!  (She even got a Jeep!)

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  1. What a cute party! I'm glad you remembered to share it!