Monday, January 7, 2013

Prayers Please

I will take all of the prayers I can get today.  I can not say much but that there is a chance that I maybe able to move to first shift.  it all depends on the decisions of the company we are contracted to.  We currently have an "extra" employees and then decision is to let us keep the "extra" person or if we will have to get rid of the last person that was hired.  We really do need the extra person because we are swamped but it all comes down to budget and profit.  If the extra person is approved I will be able to move to first shift.  I love the company that I work for and most of the people I work with.  I have been here seven years and really do not want to leave but I NEED first shift.  I can not do thirds anymore.  with a 2 year old and a family I need to be on first shift and have a "normal" schedule.  I have noticed myself moody, depressed, and super emotional lately and just can not shake it.  I know that it just everything is catching up to me...lack of sleep, stress at work, laundry, cleaning, second job, cooking, family logistics, and just day to day life.  but I am ready for a change.  (I don't want this to be about my stress and hard times.)  please pray that the human resource department will see that we are extremely busy and that we are spread thin.  Pray for wisdom, thoroughness, and understanding for my supervisor as he presents this to the HR department, and in their decision.

Thank You <><


  1. I worked third shift when my kids were young and I totally understand how you are feeling. Praying!